Congratulations upon your interest in baptism. After you peruse this page and links, please feel free to contact our Shepherd, Mike Horton, at if you have any questions, and if you would like to schedule your baptism!

We recognize that people come from many different backgrounds regarding this beautiful sacrament.  This article, written by Max Lucado, describes Highpoint’s teaching position about baptism. This article is useful for:

1. Those who have never been baptized.  This study will help you appreciate the importance of baptism. If you have never been baptized in any form you’ll see why we encourage you to do so.

2. Those who have been baptized, but not by immersion.  We have many potential members who were baptized by sprinkling,usually as infants. This paper will help you see why we baptize by immersion. It also explains why we don’t baptize infants. We urge you to read the paper and consider adult baptism. If you choose not to be immersed at this time, we still welcome you as a member. We ask only that you respect our teaching position and not be divisive.

3. Those who have been baptized by immersion.  It is our prayer that this study will give you new insights into the beauty, simplicity, and significance of this demonstration of devotion.