Community Impact Summit

Earlier this week, many of our staff and leaders attending the Community Impact Summit, which was titled “Change, Growth, Community, Success”.  This summit was created to bring together government officials, private industry representatives, church leaders, and nonprofit leaders to discuss the impact of population growth on our communities, particular those in the poorest categories.

We learned that Cedar Park is the fastest-growing city in Texas, along with Georgetown (number four) and Round Rock (number 10).  Our region is also ranked number 2 nationally in total economic growth since 2001, and number 1 nationally in job growth since the 08-09 recession.  There are 30 new residents to our Williamson County region every day, and people are coming from all over the country.  However, most are coming from Travis County (moving to the suburbs), and of those coming, our average household income is decreasing.   A serious issue is the fact that 52% of Williamson County’s working-age residents do not have a completed post-secondary degree or certificate, but 70% of the job openings in the next 10 years will require this for the jobs that are barely above the bottom of the “living wage”.

This information is pertinent, as the need for social services in the suburbs is increasing beyond what most organizations have planned for or anticipated.  Partnerships with churches and school districts is critical, and the Highpoint support of LISD programs is something we know needs to be continued and expanded.

Amy Stevens

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