Grow Groups “Better Together”

The real joy of cooking is getting to share what you made with other people. All of the preparation, effort, time, patience, and careful execution comes together and you have food on the plate. But it is more than that, if you do it right, there is something that is nourishing on the plate, but not just for the body but also for the soul. Making food for someone can be a gesture that echos far beyond the moments that it takes to eat, or even the conversations that are had while it is eaten.


This is why we have Grow Groups. Community is great but we can make friends anywhere. Bible Study is vital but we are trying to do more than pass a test. Discipleship is important but can’t really happen in a vacuum. Grow Groups is one of the ways at Highpoint that we bring all three together to make something even better than the parts individually. When everyone who calls Highpoint “HOME” invests in Grow Groups all of Highpoint gets better. We become stronger so that we can go on bigger and bolder adventures with Jesus. We become closer so that no one gets left out and no one gets left behind. We gain momentum as we move with the Spirit into the community so we can welcome more and more people into Highpoint as “Home”. Grow Groups can be so much more than an hour on Sundays. It can be the catalyst that enables fully devoted followers of Jesus to change the world and we need everyone participating for it to reach its full potential.

Hope you can join us this Sunday!


Pastor Matt Murphy

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