Grow Groups “Bible Study”

Sometimes it seems that the biggest part of my role as a parent of 4 children is feeding them. When they are born they drink from a bottle. Soon they can manage mushed up vegetables, then small pieces of different foods, and soon they reach the pinnacle of childhood cuisine chicken nuggets. They then eat chicken nuggets for the rest of their lives. That is unless they are made to try new things. I don’t use the word “made” lightly because that is exactly how it has to happen. No child on their own will choose anything besides chicken nuggets. Except for maybe pizza, but who can blame them. They have to learn to appreciate other foods and flavors and sometimes they have to try things multiple times before they realize they like them. Soon they find some things they like and it gives them courage to be a little more adventurous. They want to try the food you ordered or eventually they begin learning to cook their own food.


The second ingredient for Grow Groups is Bible study. There are parts of the Bible that are like chicken nuggets. They are easy and quick and pretty much everyone enjoys them. The problem is only like 10% of the Bible is chicken nuggets. So in our Grow Groups we endeavor to tackle whole books of the Bible at a time, walking through verse by verse to discover things we had never seen before, to reveal portions that we had never tried, and to digest stories that we had never heard. Before you know it, questions asked in group are explored on their own using concordances at home. It’s no longer enough to read the Bible in English we are excited to browse a reverse interlinear Bible and explore the original languages. We don’t stick to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John but start checking out Amos and Obadiah or even Leviticus and Numbers.


That is the wonder of good Bible Study and good food. Once you taste what is possible you can’t help but hope for more and wonder what else is out there. We would love to have you explore the possibilities with us in Grow Groups.


-Pastor Matt Murphy

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