Grow Groups “Discipleship”

One of my favorite things to do when I am preparing dinner is to ask one of my children to be my sous chef. It is an opportunity to spend some time together but also to teach them things. I get to teach them how to flip pancakes, how to measure flour, what my favorite spice is, (it is cumin by the way, fun fact in Hindi cumin is called jeera), and how to scrape the bottom of the pan when you stir so things don’t burn. They have a chance to peel or slice veggies, open cans or jars and dump out the ingredients, or watch as I grill and explain to them how to turn the meat so it has nice grill marks. My hope is that they not only learn to cook but learn to love to cook and enjoy doing it long after I am having them help me.


The third ingredient in Grow Groups is discipleship. Discipleship is walking along in life together and passing on the things that we have learned from Jesus as we learn new things from Jesus together. It is taking the things we learned in Bible Study through Community and putting them into action. Its sharing the tips and tricks we have learned in years of loving our neighbors so others can build on our experience. Its iron sharpening iron. Its having a chance to practice our spiritual gifts. Its having a chance to live out the fruits of the spirit. Discipleship is how we become more like Jesus and we can’t do it alone. It doesn’t happen at desks with books- it happens in the stuff of life as we walk together and apply the things we have come to believe.


Who are you walking with? Grow Groups is a great chance to learn to live like Jesus with a bunch of people who are all trying to learn to live like Jesus.

–Pastor Matt Murphy

Amy Stevens

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