Hearts for the Homeless

Hearts for the Homeless is a group of God’s Children reaching out to their less fortunate brothers and sister, simply working to provide what we can to make their lives a little better. From food, clothing and toiletries- to God’s Word and prayer,  our Hearts serve the community wherever there is a need.

Our current project is a plastic bag/toiletry ministry for the Church Under the Bridge. 

Over the past few months, our members have partnered with other churches and groups to take plastic grocery bags and crochet them into lovely utility bags for the homeless!

Want to help distribute?  Join us on Sunday, February 25th as we deliver these items to our homeless brothers and sisters.  We will leave the church at approximately 10:45am.

The opportunities to help are as simple as praying for this Ministry, to collecting items, to joining in delivering these things as needed.

Want to  join us?  Just email office@hpf.org and we will connect you!