Join us at Church Under the Bridge to serve the Homeless

Our Hearts for the Homeless ministry is inviting everyone to join us at the Church Under the Bridge in downtown Austin as we bring love and needed items to our homeless brothers and sisters.

We are gathering in the lobby at Highpoint this Sunday, June 24th at 10:45am to caravan downtown together to our location:  (Under I35 between 7th and 8th street.)

This trip, our focus is on spring clothing we have collected and on handing out the toiletry-filled PLARN bags that have been lovingly made by the group (Plastic yarn crocheted bags).

Hope you can join us!

Want to be a part of this ministry going forward?

Future dates for trips to CUB are:

Sun Aug 26 @ 11am

Sun Oct 28 @ 11am

Sun Dec 30 @ 11am



Amy Stevens

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