Matt Murphy- Summarizing Home Groups

As promised, here are some quick hits from Sunday’s Sermon about Home groups. If you have questions or would like to get involved in a group reach out to and we will get you all set.

Let’s go boil some eggs!

Haven’t heard the sermon yet?  Click here to listen….


The 5 values of Highpoint Home Groups



The front door of Highpoint is the front door to your house

Inviting someone into your home displays more about how you feel about them then just about anything else!



A home filled with love is a welcome safe place for everyone



Small actions repeated over and over can produce big results

Or said another way, normal everyday activities executed with Gospel intentionality can lead to multiplication!



We believe we are a people sent by God

We believe that we can work alongside Jesus to bring heaven to earth.



This means we spend time in groups praying for opportunities

We are led by the spirit in action, we listen and obey.


Home Group Rhythms


2 weeks we gather together to study, to encourage, to pray, to tend to each others needs and seek God’s presence.


1 week a month we engage in mission.  This is preferably an opportunity that we can connect with in an ongoing way and begin to develop relationships, and see how God moves over time as we do small things over and over.


1 week a month we throw a party.  This can be as extravagant as costumes and fancy food or as simple as going out to eat together or having a game night.  The intent is to create a space where people can be included that may not yet have interest in studying the Bible or prayer,  but still long to be accepted and belong, and we value the opportunity to love them.


Practices that help us live out our values

BELLS -(borrowed from Michael Frost’s book Surpise the World)


Bless 3 people you can bless. (Make at least one someone outside of Highpoint).

Eat with 3 people. (Make at least one someone outside of Highpoint).

Listen-  I will make time to listen for the Spirit moving.

Learn-  I will make time to learn about Jesus. 

Sent-  I will keep track of the times I was able to speak the Gospel into someone’s life !

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