Welcome Home!

If you are new to Highpoint, there are a few things that you don’t want to miss.  This page will help direct you so that you can get information on the most important information!


Service Times and Directions

First of all, click here for our service times and directions.  When you visit Highpoint, you will find that we have a very friendly Welcome Team who would be happy to direct you to the appropriate location for your Sunday morning experience.

Welcome team

Highpoint Staff

Would you like to connect with a staff member?  Just visit this link to see our staff and email them directly:

Our staff

We would love to connect with you!

Bible Studies and Groups

grow group


If you are looking for Bible studies and groups to connect with, you can visit one of the following pages to learn more:

Men’s groupsWomen’s groupsYouth, or Kids


randy and haba

Interested in hearing a recent sermon?  You can hear Randy Fenter, our Senior Pastor, or select another guest speaker at this location:

Recent sermons