Our Shepherds

Part of our leadership structure at Highpoint includes our Shepherds, who are responsible for providing spiritual guidance, compassionate care, teaching, and mentoring of leaders.

Our current Shepherds are:

Jean Billingsley, Dwight Forrister, Warren and Diana Wilbanks, David Pierce, Connie Smith, Mike and Jeanne-Mari Horton, Yvonne Chambliss, and K.C and Susie Vearner, and Theresa Theroux.

Please consult the documents below in order to understand what is expected of Highpoint Shepherds, what the responsibilities are for Highpoint Shepherds and what the desired qualities are for a Highpoint Shepherd.

What Are the Qualities of a High Point Shepherd

What Are the Responsibilities of a HighPoint Shepherd

What is Expected of High Point Shepherds

Please pray for these important leaders at Highpoint Fellowship!