Student Registration:

To register your student [4 years old going into Kinder – completed 5th grade], click the button below.


The Volunteer Opportunities:

Prepare BEFORE June 25th with multiple areas:

Prep = assisting the leader team to communicate to our community, preparing materials, creating environments, etc.

During VBX:

+ Group Leader: Becomes the primary model or teacher for the group.  Stays with the same group all week. Encourages spiritual growth, relationships, discussion and other group activities.

+ Registration Team: Register and check children in and out each night.

+ Security/Parking Lot Team: Provides a safe environment in the parking lot at drop off and pick up as well as during the event.

+ Station Assistant = Most rotation stations will need assistants [of the Leader team].  This role will see each group of babes nightly as they move from one station to the next.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be 7th grade and up
  • Must submit a background check [18 and older]