VBX 2019 is going to be a WINNER! Kids will discover how to raise their game by knowing God, trusting Jesus, and experiencing the Fruit of the Spirit! POWER UP! God’s power has given us everything we need to live a godly life. 2 Peter 1:3a NIRV


To register your student [4 years old going into Kinder – completed 5th grade], click the button below.



There are lots of fun jobs to fill for this fun week – before and during.  A brief description is below with the link to sign up to help bring the fun!

+ Prep  = assisting the leader team to communicate to our community, preparing materials, creating environments, etc. prior to June 24th.

+ Group Leader: Becomes the primary model or teacher for the group.  Stays with the same group all week. Encourages spiritual growth, relationships, discussion and other group activities.

+ Registration Team: Register and check children in and out each night.

+ Security/Parking Lot Team: Provides a safe environment in the parking lot at drop off and pick up as well as during the event.

+ Station Assistant = Most rotation stations will need assistants [of the Leader team].  This role will see each group of babes nightly as they move from one station to the next.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be 7th grade and up
  • Must submit a background check [18 and older]