Your Scripture from the Heart…by Tyler Murphy

It has been a great experience as we have journeyed through the book of Mark,  to watch as people put effort and time into allowing God to write Scripture on their heart so they could share with us. The individual words may fade over time, but the impact of the Scripture on their hearts will be indelible. 


Scripture is one of the ways God reveals himself to us, and as Highpoint seeks to bring the presence of Christ to our community,  we have Scripture as a piece of our foundation. I mean that figuratively of course, but I also mean it literally.  You may not know this, but within the foundation beneath our prayer room is an actual copy of Scripture. In fact,  the studs holding up our walls and ceiling are covered in God’s promises from Scripture, written in prayer as the building was being built and dedicated to God’s mission in Cedar Park. Things like this serve as an indelible reminder of our convictions and values at Highpoint!


The time has come for us to complete another monument that will remind those of us who have been a part of Highpoint since the beginning- or those who have just chosen to go on mission with us in Cedar Park. In a few short weeks, we will be covering the two side walls next to the stage in the worship center with pallet wood. In the lobby, there are several planks of wood, and we are asking if you would take some time to pray and write your story of how God has moved in your life, how he has used Highpoint in your spiritual walk, or maybe a scripture that is written on your heart and you turn to in storms or blue skies. We won’t be able to see these stories or scriptures once the wall is up but each board will join others to form a beautiful patchwork of all the stories and promises that God as written and woven together in our congregation. We come from different places and have different stories but in Christ we are one, united to declare His Glory.


Tyler Murphy

Worship Pastor

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