Welcome to Highpoint! The only thing we ask of you is simple: open your heart to God.
Whatever your circumstances- single, married, single again, with or without children- and no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you matter to God. 
You also matter to us!




Welcome Team

As you come into Highpoint, you will find our Welcome Team available at the front doors, the information desk, and at the sanctuary doors. They are available for you to ask questions, get directions or simply chat and get to know someone! 


Feel free to grab coffee and hang in the lobby to get to know people immediately or go on into the sanctuary and have a seat.







Our Services

Our services will start promptly at 9:30am or 11:00am with worship, however, never fear- we have a casual environment and you may come in at any point.  


During the service, guests will be welcomed during announcements, however, you will never be asked to  introduce yourself.  We will simply welcome you and give you the opportunity to fill out a welcome tear-out from our bulletin, ask for prayer, or ask for additional info in writing. These tear-outs will be placed in the offering basket as it is passed in service.







Looking for our children’s ministry area (HisKids)?  As you enter through our main front doors, simply look straight ahead and you will see our kids check-in area.  There will be a friendly volunteer present to help on your first visit. We use a computerized check-in system in order to best track allergies and special needs and to help our teachers ensure that the kids are always safe and in the right location.  After your first visit, you (or your child) will be able to check-in on your own, print the security label and name-tag, and proceed to class.







At Highpoint, we take communion every week in order to remember and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf.  This is an open invitation to all who are believers in Christ.



We pass the offering baskets each week for those who want to give by check or cash on Sunday morning.  We do not ask anything of our guests, but simply want to give to you! Don’t forget to place your tear-out in the basket so we know how best to serve you.


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