Nina Peña

Family: Nina is originally from California but moved to Texas as soon as she could [2000]. She met her husband Gino on a blind date, and they were married within the year [2006]. She has four incredible children: Andrew and his bride, Erin, Caleb, and Micah.

Education: Nina has her Associates from Oxnard Community College, CA and a Child Development Associate from St. Augustine Institute, FL. 

Favorite Food/Restaurant: Nina likes food, especially Southern’s Pizza, anywhere that has french fries, and any place that rocks a gluten free menu.

Favorite Music: Nina’s favorite music is worship of all kinds, and anything her husband is singing!

Favorite TV shows: Nina enjoys simply sitting with a good [clean] murder mystery, especially Matlock, Murder She Wrote, and Psych. Every now and again we can find her watching kid’s movies.

Favorite Book: The Bible

Free time activity: Nina likes to shop, shop, shop, and not cook! Naps and watching murder mysteries are also on the list of past times. And if it’s kid related, you’ll probably find Nina there.

Bible verse: Nina’s favorite Bible Verse is actually a chapter – all of Psalm 139.

Something most people don’t know about Nina:

Growing up, Nina enjoyed camping and dirt bike riding. You wouldn’t know it today since she avoids tents and dirt like crazy!

Why you love Highpoint?

Nina loves Highpoint!  It’s a place where you are loved, no matter where you’re at in your walk.